Eric P. Newcomer

I’m an independent journalist who covers startups and venture capital.Currently, I’m building Newcomer, which began three years ago as a newsletter that's grown to 65,000+ subscribers. I also host the Newcomer podcast and technology summits like the Cerebral Valley AI Summit.

Career Timeline

  • March 2023: Co-hosted Newcomer’s first event, Cerebral Valley AI Summit in San Francisco. Speakers included the CEOs of Stability, Runway, Hugging Face, and more, plus top AI partners at Sequoia, Greylock, and other VC firms.

  • March 2023: Launched the Newcomer podcast with an episode featuring Reid Hoffman.

  • Summer 2022: Back-to-back hit stories from Newcomer, featuring leaked slide decks from Coatue and Tiger Global.

  • January 2021: Newcomer published his first paywalled Substack post, an interview with Benchmark's Bill Gurley.

  • October 2020: Quit my job after 6 years at Bloomberg to start a Substack covering the business of startups and venture capital and called it Newcomer.

  • 2014: Joined Bloomberg as a technology reporter—highlights included a Businessweek cover story on the fall of Travis Kalanick, publishing the video of Kalanick arguing with an Uber driver, and breaking Uber's decision to sell its business in China to Didi.

  • 2013: Joined The Information as the first employee, later breaking news like Amazon’s acquisition of Twitch.

  • 2012: Graduated from Harvard College with a degree in Philosophy, also writing for The Harvard Crimson.

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In addition to hosting a podcast, I’ve spoken and moderated at technology summits like WebSummit, Collision, and Bloomberg Technology Summit.Check out my interview of Stability’s Emad Mostaque at the Cerebral Valley AI Summit:

I’ve covered tech media and Silicon Valley on a number of other podcasts and channels, like Bloomberg Originals, Technori, Post Seed, This Week in Startups, and the New York Financial Writers' Association.

Eric Newcomer interviewing Amjad Masad, CEO of Replit, and Clem Delangue, CEO of Hugging Face, at the Cerebral Valley AI Summit in March 2023.

Eric Newcomer interviewing Amjad Masad, CEO of Replit, and Clem Delangue, CEO of Hugging Face, at the Cerebral Valley AI Summit in March 2023

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